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Bremex- STEAps

Commonly, development is often driven by one particular need, without fully considering the future impacts. At present, we are already seeing the damage this kind of approach can cause, e.g., changes in global climate resulting from our dependence on fossil fuel-based energy sources, or serious negative impact on flora and fauna worldwide due to immense use of herbicides and insecticides. The longer we pursue unsustainable development, the more frequent and severe its consequences are likely to become. This is the reason why people all around the globe need to take action now. Specifically, although Mexico and Germany have different regulations and living conditions due to their respective historical background, we share a common interest related to our wellness which is associated to having effective preventive health services and tools, energy supply, and auspicious environmental conditions. Therefore, our goal is to create a joint multidisciplinary network to contribute to the development of low-cost sustainable devices and technology which meet the needs of our societies, mainly in the areas of health, water management, environment, and energy security. Specifically, we aim to develop a strong platform to foster the generation of beneficial sustainable innovation in medium and long terms. For this purpose we require experts in natural science, engineering, and social sciences to start from the identification of problems, to continue via the synthesis of materials, the design of semiconductor devices, simulation and circuit design, circuit integration, man-machine interface, and finally via the social awareness for the use of these technologies.

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