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IVAC (2020-2021)

Digital Teaching in Atmospheric Sciences and Nanotechnology

     Univ. of Bremen, Germany - ENES Morelia, UNAM, Mexico

                          and partners of BreMex-STEAPs

     Responsible (Ger): P.D. Dr. Annette Ladstätter-Weißenmayer

            Responsible (Mex): Dr. Alejandra Castro-Carranza


Design and development of joint online Moodle courses/modules for under- and graduate levels on atmospheric/environmental sciences and nanotechnology to design specialized environmental sensors.


These courses and the cooperation had been previously promoted intensively in a face-to-face modality through international mobility which has been recently affected due to COVID-19.

The analysis of atmospheric data obtained from ground-based stations and satellite mapping, together with the educational tools we propose will be used as part of a didactic strategy to deepen the knowledge in this scientific field combined with nanotechnology, to make it available to our societies, and to promote environmental awareness.


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Undergraduate course

Detection of pollution events to develop sustainable advices based on nanomaterials for environmental applications”


Eng. Valeria Camacho Molina

Atmospheric data processing

Software development


Andrés Castro Chacón

Emilio Alejandro Romero Aguado

Undergraduate-Master course

"Fundamentals of Optics and their Application in Light Emitting Devices, Detection, and Sensors"


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Gutowski

Dr. Jairo C. Nolasco

More BreMex-STEAPS partners

Master course

"Technological development: environmental sensors"


Myriam Peña Verduzco

Didactic material

Book for children on environmental education and nanotechnology using atmospheric data 


P. Abril Villagomez Mondragón

Cristian E. Ramos Ruíz

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