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Research Areas

Device Integration

  •  Circuit design and simulation

  •  Application of sustainable devices on functional circuits

Thesis topics on this area


  •  Organic and hybrid photovoltaics

  •  Design, fabrication, characterization, modeling and simulation of optoelectronic devices

  •  Analysis of novel materials for energy applications

  •  Triboelectric nanogenerators

  •  Nano-piezoelectricity

Thesis topics on this area


  • Hybrid interfaces

  • Charge transport in bacterias

  • Biotechnological pesticide sensors 

Thesis topics on this area

Pollution events and social impact

  • Atmospheric Sciences

  • Remote sensing

  • Analysis of pollution events 

  • Divulgation of information among society

  • Fostering the use of new technologies

Thesis topics on this area

Research on Materials for Emerging Applications

  • Materials for environmental sensors

  • Structural, optical and electrical characterization

  • Organic electronics

  • Oxide semiconductors

  • Nanostructures

  • Earth materials for sustainable extraction

Thesis topics on this area
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